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Centre Director:

Professor Mark Durden
Key areas: Contemporary forms of documentary photography, art and comedy, art and consumer culture, art and celebrity culture, photography theory, art photography from 1960 to the present, photography and architecture, photography’s transformation in the digital age, FSA photography, John Szarkowski, Andy Warhol, Dorothea Lange and Roland Barthes.

Academic Staff

Professor Florence Ayisi
Key areas: Transnational cinemas, digital humanities, gender with particular reference to African Women, Ethnographic Film, African Cinema, Cultural representations, Diasporic narratives and Film Audience Reception.

Associate Professor Lisa Barnard
Key areas: Documentary photography, the relationship between the military industrial complex, new technology, and the psychological implication of conflict. Programme leader for the MA Documentary Photography.

David Barnes
Key areas: Representations of Wales in documentary photography, film and literature.

Peter Bobby
Key areas: Archictecture, the contemporary city.

Philip Cowan
Key areas: Film, cinematography, authorship and the image.

Dr Eileen Little
Key areas: Photographic narrative, image & text, the audio-visual, the photographic bookwork, identity politics, representation, philosophy of photography, history & memory, trauma theory and affect in art.

Magali Nougarède
Key areas: Photography and the everyday, photography and domesticity, photography and gender, the absurd in art (and life), relationship between photography and sculpture.

Paul Reas
Key areas: Documentary photography, new wave of British colour documentary.

Matt White
Key areas: Contemporary art and photography.”

Former and Current Visiting Professors

Ian Walker, 2013-present
Key areas: The relationship between Surrealism and photography.

Ute Eskildsen (Former Director of Museum Folkwang, Essen), 2012-15
Key areas: contemporary German photography

Martin Parr (Magnum) 2010-13
Key areas: Globalisation, leisure, consumption and communication

Paul Seawright (Ulster), 2008-12
Key areas: Northern Irish history, post war Afghanistan, urban Africa

Visiting Fellows

Dr Dragana Jurisic, 2018-21
Key areas: Photography

Mishka Henner, 2012-15
Key areas: Photography, the book and digital culture

Clare Strand, 2012-15
Key areas: Photography

Zuhal Ozel, 2010-11
Key areas: Innovation within contemporary British documentary photography

Olivia Maria Marques Da Silva, 2009-10
Key areas: fishing communities in Matosinhos and Grimsby, maternity wards in Lisbon and Porto

Previous Leverhulme Post-doctoral Fellows

Jo Longhurst (London), 2008-11
Key areas: Physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts in training and competition

Jane Simon (Sydney), 2008-9
Key areas: Bringing together art, photography and film (including home movies) with methodological debates in cultural studies