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Durden, M. with David Campbell (2017) The Laughable Enigma of Ordinary Life, Arquipelago Contemporary Arts Centre (São Miguel Island Azores).

Durden, M. with David Campbell and Ian Brown (2016) Common Culture Cabaret, MAC (Birmingham).

Durden, M. with David Campbell (curators) (2016) Double Act: Art and Comedy, Bluecoat (Liverpool) and MAC (Belfast).

White, M. (2016) Make Over – Arts & Minds Regeneration Residency, Newtown Community Hall, Tre Newydd, Ebbw Vale.

Barnard, L. (2015) Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou, Southern China. Curated by François Cheval.

Barnard, L. (2015) Discovery Award, Rencontres D’Arles, France. Nominated by Louise Clements.

Durden, M with David Campbell and Ian Brown as Common Culture (2013-14) Not Necessarily in the Right Order, New Art Exchange (Nottingham).

Reas, P. (2013-2014) Day Dreaming about the Good Times?, Impressions Gallery (Bradford); Ffotogallery (Wales).

Barnard, L. (2017) The War From Here, curated by Gordon Macdonald Krakow Photofestival with Martha Rosler, Nina Berman, Sophie Ristelheuber , Monica Haller.

Barnard, L. (2017) Ahead Still Lies Are Future, curated by Hester Keijser and Louise Clements with Lida Abdul, Lisa Barnard, Ursula Biemann, Kenta Cobayashi, Hannah Darabi, Sohrab Hura, Zhang Jungang, Wanuri Kahiu, Ester Vonplon and Sadie Wechsler.

Durden, M. with David Campbell and Ian Brown (2016) Nothing Happens, Twice: Artists Explore Absurdity, Harris Museum and Art Gallery Market Square (Preston).

Nougarede, M. (2016) flora – Oriel Davies , Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Bobby, P. (2015) In Place of Architechure , Bonington Gallery.

Matt White (2018) The Tick and The Bomb, Arts+Minds (Tai Calon Community Housing, Head4Arts & Aneurin Leisure) and the Wales International Documentary Festival, Market Hall Cinema, Brynmawr.

Florence Ayisi and Catalin Brylla (2016) Zanzibar Soccer Dreams screenings at the Zanzibar International Film festival (Jul 2016); Lisbon International Film Festival (Summer/Sep 2016); TrueDoc Documentary Festival (Ukraine, Sep 2016); Arusha African Film Festival (Oct 2016); Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series (New York, Oct 2016); Cambridge African Film Festival (Oct 2016); Watch Africa (Wales, Oct 2016) and African in Motion (Scotland, Oct/Nov 2016).

Eileen Little (2016) film clips screening, Watershed Arts Centre, Bristol, in association with UWE and Moving Stills.

Matt White (2016) Transfer at Barcelona Planet online Film Festival, Spain and Moving Pictures Festival, Belgium.

Wiblin, I. and Kennedy, A. (2015) The View From My House – Liverpool International Photography Festival, Look/15 (Liverpool).

Little, E. (2014) Encountering traumatic history through the Autobiographical, Moscow, A.I. Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Emigration for the 50th Anniversary of the death of Vasily Semyonovich Grossman 1964-2014.