Seminars and Events

eCDR runs an active series of seminars in which academics and practitioners are given the opportunity to present their current photographic research.

APHE Summer Conference: Documentary at a Distance: Archive, Technology and Fiction


Past Events

24 May 2018,CA B403 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
Contemporary Documentary Practices: Archives, Photography & Film, Erica Balsom and Andrea Stultiens

19 April 2018, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
Collaborations and Collective Identities, Karine Chambefort-Kay and Clémentine Schneidermann

26 January 2018, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
10:00 – eCDR Symposium: The Marvelous Imperfection of the Real, Martin Kollar and Laia Abril

21 June 2017, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
14:30 – eCDR PhD seminar and Archivo launch, Ana Catarina Pinho

1 June 2017, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
10:00 – Space and Order Symposium, Brett Story and Edgar Martins

23 November 2016, Ffotogallery
14:30 – eCDR Research Seminar with a discussion of David Barnes’ exhibition 'in solution’, Alba Giménez and David Barnes

19 October 2016, CA AH005 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
17:30 – Slapstick, Deadpan, Wit and Irony— The Double Act of Art and Comedy, Professor Mark Durden

20 April 2016, CA A419 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
13:30 – Artists in Residence: Magali Nougarede and Matt White in conversation