eCDR runs an active series of seminars in which academics and practitioners are given the opportunity to present their current photographic research.


Forthcoming Research Seminars

21 June 2017, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
14:30 – eCDR PhD seminar and Archivo launch, Ana Catarina Pinho

1 June 2017, CA B205 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
10:00 – Space and Order Symposium, Brett Story and Edgar Martins

23 November 2016, Ffotogallery
14:30 – eCDR Research Seminar with a discussion of David Barnes’ exhibition 'in solution’, Alba Giménez and David Barnes

19 October 2016, CA AH005 (ATRiuM Building, Cardiff Campus)
17:30 – Slapstick, Deadpan, Wit and Irony— The Double Act of Art and Comedy, Professor Mark Durden