eCDR Publications

eCDR publication Series (2006 and 2009) bring together the work of a number of the eCDR members and visiting fellows including: Joan Fontcuberta, Paul Seawright, Anne Hardy, Russell Roberts, Ian Walker, Donovan Wylie, Ken Grant, Michael Corris, Ronnie Close and Peter Bobby. eCDR aims to develop work that addresses both the cultural histories of photography and the contemporary issues and debates informing photographic and film-based art and documentary practices.


Selected publications on photography by Centre members

Selected Books

Roberts, R. with Greg Hobson (2016) William Henry Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph, London: Scala Press & Science Museum.

Durden, M. with David Campbell (2016) Double Act: Art and Comedy, Liverpool: Lawn Creative.

Bobby, P. (2015) High Rise, Ffotogallery.

Durden, M. with David Campbell and Ian Brown (2015) Modern Cumbrian Jokes, Birmingham: Endless Supply.

Durden, M. (2014) Photography Today: A History of Contemporary Photography, London: Phaidon Press.

Durden, M. with Ken Grant (2013) Double Take: Portraits from the Keith Medley, Liverpool: LJMU Archives.

Bobby, P. with essay by Joanna Lowry (2013) Curtain, Ffotogallery.

Durden, M. (2012) 50 Key Writers on Photography, London, Routledge.

Durden, M. (2012) Dorothea Lange, 3rd Edition, London: Phaidon.

Blaufuks, D. with essays by Drake, D., Campany, D., Oliveira, F., Durden, M., Price, D. and Little, E. (2012) Works on Memory, Ffotogallery.

Roberts, R. (2009) English Anxieties – Tim Brennan, Ffotogallery.


Selected Book Chapters

Roberts, R. (2017). 'Romanitas: Theatre of History – Ways of Living’ in John Kippin A Retrospective. National Gallery of Art.

Ayisi, F. (2016) ‘Making Waves on International Women’s Day: Cameroonian Women’s Dynamism’ in Marion Arnold and Marsha Meskimmon (eds.) Home/Land: Women Citizenship, Photographies, Liverpool University.

Bobby, P. (2015) in Peter W Jones and Isabel Hitchman (eds.) Post-War to Post-Modern: A Dictionary of Artists in Wales, Gomer Press.

Durden, M. (2013) ‘Photography’s transformation in the digital age: artistic and everyday forms ’ in Gillian Youngs (ed.) Digital World: Connectivity, creativity and rights, London: Routledge.

Roberts, R. (2013) Two Chapters in Mark Durden (ed.) Fifty Key Writers on Photography, London: Routledge.

Durden, M. (2012) ‘Dalla strada alla rete: l’estetica trasgressiva di Joachim Schmid’ in Roberta Valtorta (ed.) Joachim Schmid e le fotografie degli altri, Italy: Milan.

Durden, M. (2012) ‘Documentary Pictorial: Luc Delahaye’s Taliban, 2001’ in Geoffrey Batchen, Mick Gidley, Nancy K. Miller and Jay Prosser (eds.) Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis, London: Reaktion.

Durden, M. (2012) Essays on Victor Burgin, John Szarkowski and Brian O’Doherty for Diana Newhall and Grant Pooke (eds.) Fifty Key Texts in Art History, London: Routledge.

Roberts, R. (2007) 'In Camera: Stories from the City’ in Robin Bloxsidge and Christoph Grunberg (eds.) The Creative Centre of the Universe: Liverpool and the Avant-Garde, Liverpool: Tate and Liverpool University Press.


Selected Journal Articles

Cowan, P. (2017) Analyzing Stylistic Patterning in Film to Establish the Cinematographer as a Coauthor: A Case Study of Gregg Toland, International Journal Projections, 11(1), pp. 16-37, DOI:

Cramerotti, A. (2015) 'The Hyperimage’ in Matei Bejenaru and Catalin Gheorghe (eds.) Vector – critical research in context. Post-Photography. University of Iasi: Romania, pp. 14-25.

Cowan, F. (2015) The Democracy of Colour, Journal of Media Practice, 16(2), Routledge.

Little, E. (2012) A History of the World: Daniel Blaufuks’ bookwork Terezín, Philosophy of Photography, 2(2), Intellect.


Other Publications

Cramerotti, A. (2015) Expanded Photo.

Roberts, R. (2012) in Martin Parr, Dan Holdsworth, Sarah Pickering and Paul Shambroom, Public Relations, Llandysul: Gomer.

Bobby, P. (2012) 4th International Festival of Photography, Korean Society of Photography, China/South Korea

Bobby, P. (2010) Photo Speaks 2010, 2nd International Festival for Photography and Video, The Society of Korean Photography (SKP)South Korea

Bobby, P. (2009) Photo Speaks 2009, 1st International Festival for Photography and Video, The Society of Korean Photography (SKP), South Korea