PhD research seminar - Stephen Todd and Les Monaghan

Event Date March 11, 2015 2 p.m.

Location – H6, Rathmell Building, Caerleon Campus

Stephen Todd, 'Objects in the Landscape as Surrogate Curators’

I am exploring a thought that objects and people present in photographs from archaeology serve as visual guides for viewers. The presence and need for those guides brings questions about photography’s use as evidence, and the location of the indexical relationship between the photograph and the real.

Offa & Wat Dykes, photograph taken during the survey by Cyril Fox, circa 1920-1930.

Les Monaghan, 'On Engaging the Public’

A review of my recent exhibition and its reception. A plan for future work…

'Aspirations' at The Point, Doncaster. January 10 - February 21 2015

A research seminar will follow at 5pm with guest speaker Prof Mark Durden, 'The Idea of John Szarkowski: Photographing Architecture’

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