About eCDR

In REF 2014, 75% of research in UoA D34 Art & Design (as part of the joint submission from WIRAD) was rated either internationally excellent (3*) or world-leading (4*).

Under the unifying theme Photography at The Borders, eCDR fosters lively and experimental engagements with photography as an expanding field of inter-disciplinary research. Photography at the Borders acknowledges the perceived boundaries of the photograph and contests them through a range of research projects. Encompassing art, documentary and fashion photography, curating and criticism, eCDR’s diverse range of interests and expertise uniquely positions the Centre to address photography’s multiple and shifting forms.

eCDR’s main areas of activity include:

  • Conferences, symposia and seminars, focusing on current research interests of the Centre
  • Publishing, exhibition & curating
  • International Fellowship programme
  • Funded projects from research councils including AHRC, foundations and Sector agencies
  • Cross-cultural partnerships with the museum and gallery sector
  • PhD and Post Doctorate research
  • MFA programmes in Documentary Photography, Contemporary Photographic Practice (from 2012) and Curating and Writing Photography (from 2013).

eCDR’s range of critical interests in photography are currently concentrated into five strands: